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First aid


I am a victim of cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a crime that needs to be reported!
social media

My "child" or "friend" urgently needs money

Beware of help request fraud! How to recognize it and avoid becoming a victim?

I have received a message from a known email address or phone number, but it's a scammer

Recognize spoofing in time
remote access scams

Scammers take control of my device remotely (Remote Access Scam)

How can it be avoided and remedied?

My device is being bugged

How to deal with stalkerware

My data has been stolen

Check it now!
calls from unknown number

I keep getting calls and messages from an unknown number

Be careful

The website I want to visit is not available

The Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack

Did you participate in a competition or giveaway on Facebook?

Watch out for scammers!
Internet of Things

Help! My camera footage is online!

Internet of Things

Help! I clicked on a fake link

Identifying phishing websites in time
spam phishing

I am getting a lot of spam and phishing e-mails in my inbox

Avoid your e-mail address ending up on a list used by spammers or phishers

I am getting a lot of spam in my inbox

What can you do to reduce spam?

I receive a call from an unknown person about a problem with my PC

I receive a call from scammers pretending to be technicians from a computer company
Mijn account is gehackt

My account has been hacked

How do I gain access to my account again? What can I do to make my account more secure?
Help ik heb een virus!

Help, I have a virus!


My device is being used for cryptojacking

Ik ben mijn smartphone of tablet kwijt

I lost my smartphone or tablet

Help! Mijn toestel is gegijzeld door een virus dat losgeld vraagt!

Help! My device has been taken over

My device has been taken over by a virus that is asking for a ransom!

I am being blackmailed: sextortion

Someone claims to have sexual images of me