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Do you want to report phishing?

Did you receive a suspicious mail or a suspicious message? Forward it to suspicious@safeonweb.be and then delete it. If you received a suspicious message at work, you need to follow your company's phishing procedures, e.g. forward it to the ICT department.

What is suspicious@safeonweb.be?

Would you like to contact Safeonweb?

Do you have a question about cyber security? Do you have a suggestion? Do you want to testify? 

Send your question to info@safeonweb.be.  A team of cyber experts will answer your question. Describe your problem as clearly as possible and attach any screenshots or other visual material.


Do you have a complaint?

Complaints about Safeonweb's service can be reported through the complaint form of the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium.

Are you a journalist ?

Contact a press officer :

The press officers do not answer questions from citizens.  General questions about Safeonweb can be asked through info@safeonweb.be