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Phishing message about Netflix account is doing the rounds

A message that appears to come from Netflix has been circulating since last week.  The message is fake.  Do not click on the link, forward it to suspicious@safeonweb.be and delete it.


Beware of message abusing Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium logo and name

A message is currently circulating that abuses the logo and name of the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB). In the message, you are encouraged to deposit € 190 only to be refunded € 90,450 just like that.  

It is clearly an…


Beware of message from a postal company

Beware. A message that appears to come from a mail-order company is circulating en masse today.  It asks for urgent shipping costs.  This is an attempted scam.  Have you received this message or a similar one?  If so, forward…


Always have the latest information on online scams in your pocket?

Download the new version of the Safeonweb application now

Safeonweb offers an application that allows you to stay informed quickly and easily about online scams. This application alerts you to cyber threats, phishing and online fraud.

In recent months, the application has experienced problems on…


Beware of investment fraud


New FPS Economy website: www.stoparnaques.be

The FPS Economy is launching the www.stoparnaques.be website, which provides an overview of the most common scams. You will also find out how to recognise them and how to protect yourself against them.


FPS Economy launches new website for all consumers: ConsumerConnect


Thinking of booking your summer holidays? Beware of fraudulent messages appearing to come from booking platforms

Too late, you've been swindled?
If you have lost money or been the victim of extortion, we advise you to report it to the police. You can report it to the local police where you live.  Contact your bank and/or Card Stop on 078 170 170 if you have passed on banking…

Shopping apps: discount shopping, but at what price?

Some shopping apps are becoming increasingly popular with users. Thanks to them, they can buy little odds and ends or other items at very low prices. But as we all know, if it's free (or almost free), you're the product.

So how do these…