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Received a suspicious phone call? Robocalls are on the rise again

Lately, we have been getting more reports of so-called robocalls again. A robocall is an automatically generated telephone call. When you are called by a robocall, you hear a pre-recorded message or a robocall voice. You will be asked to dial a…


Trends in investment fraud

A new contact form for fraud cases

A new contact form for cases of fraud or suspicion has been launched on the FSMA website. The new form, which can be accessed from the contact page of the FSMA website, is specifically aimed at cases where consumers believe they have been…


Beware of card collectors!

Febelfin and the Antwerp Public Prosecutor's Office warn of an increasing phenomenon of fraud by so-called card collectors. In this type of scam, criminals pretend to be bank employees and try to come by your home to get their hands on your bank…


New scam on social networks: "Receive vouchers for major ready-to-wear brands"

A new form of scam is circulating on social networks such as TikTok. 

An alleged former Zara employee has revealed her secret for the chance to receive €300 vouchers valid at Zara. All you have to do is visit the Topcadeaus website.…


Look out for QR codes on electric charging points: they may be fake.

More and more people are being swindled by scanning the QR code on the recharging point. When they open the site, they are asked to enter their bank details to make the payment. What they don't know is that cybercriminals have covered up the…


Warning: Fake Facebook account and competition in the name of Partenamut

Partenamut reports on a Facebook page that copies its identity and organises a competition to deceive the public.

The scam is quite sophisticated. It is based on a concrete example: cybercriminals have copied Partenamut's previous action…


Beware of phishing emails sent in the name of Delhaize

Have you received an email saying you've won a whole set of Tupperware? Be careful! Fraudulent emails are currently circulating in the name of Delhaize, claiming that you have been drawn and have won a gift. This is of course a scam.

Do not…


Fraudulent emails on behalf of NSSO circulate en masse

Please note that a number of phishing emails are currently circulating on behalf of the National Social Security Office (NSSO). In these emails, you are invited to perform an action on the NSSO portal in connection with your simplified tax return.…

Beware of false e-mails sent in the name of Fortis Bank

Unfortunately, phishing is all the rage. This time, fraudulent emails are circulating in the name of the BNP PARIBAS FORTIS bank. The email asks you to update your system as a security measure to prevent the use of counterfeit bank cards. …