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Warning: Fraudsters impersonating Safeonweb

Emails with the Safeonweb campaign banner are circulating. The message states that a batch has been sent and that a new campaign is underway. Be careful! Don't click on any links, don't give out any personal information and send a screenshot to…


10 million suspicious messages sent to Safeonweb in 2023

Last year, alert citizens sent us almost 10 million messages to suspicious@safeonweb.be. By 2022, that figure had already risen to 6 million. On average, we received 27,000 messages a day. February 2 2023, was a record day, with 65…


My data has been stolen! What can I do?

If you have used a website or online service and it has been hacked, your data (name, email address, telephone number, national registration number and even passwords) could end up on the Internet. Sometimes well-known, secure websites fall…


Be wary of suspicious messages that appear to come from a bank.

Last week, a suspicious message that appeared to come from ING was shared with us 2367 times.

The message tells you that the battery of your digipas is low and that you can order a new digipas via a link.

Beware of emails from…


Online scams targeting iCloud users return

A phishing email specifically targeting iCloud users is currently circulating. The scammers are posing as iCloud to trick you.

Fraudulent emails alert you to a supposedly full iCloud space and offer to solve the problem by receiving 50GB…


Beware, fraudulent messages circulating in the name of the SNCB


The 5 most frequently asked questions about suspicious@safeonweb.be


Blue Monday: keeping your spirits up by shopping online? Follow these tips to avoid getting caught by the nose.

Blue Monday is often considered the most depressing day of the year.  Want to brighten up your day with a new pair of shoes or a technological gadget. Good idea, but be careful when shopping online and waiting for your package.


Watch out for emails saying: 'Federal fine'

We received as many as 3 459 reports of fake messages with the message: 'Federal fine' last week.  The attachment in the email contains a document (Strafvordering.pdf) that appears to be from Europol. This message is not from a police force…