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Safeonweb Campaign 2023: Phishing, the devil's in the details!

Society still plagued by phishing scourge

The Centre for Cyber Security (CCB), Febelfin and the Cyber Security Coalition today launched a major awareness campaign, "Phishing, the devil's in the details!", to combat the ongoing threat of phishing…


Think twice before transferring money!


Beware of suspicious message with 'Express' in subject line

A message is currently circulating en masse with 'Express' in the subject line.  The message appears to be from bpost but it is a phishing message.

You were supposedly not present to receive the message.  You are asked to click…


False subpoena emails circulating


Investment fraudsters are getting smarter and smarter

Don't get caught out by investment fraud
Tip 1: Check the identity of the provider

Always check your provider! You can't be too careful. The FSMA publishes lists of companies licensed to offer financial products and services. If the provider is not on it, be extra careful and don't…


Expecting a parcel? Watch out for suspicious messages


Beware: the "sextortion" scam is back!

Over the last few days we have received several reports of the so-called "sextortion" scam. This is a malicious practice that has emerged with the rise of the Internet. In this scam, fraudsters claim to have compromised the victim's security by…


Protect yourself from phone scams (often linked to crypto-currencies)

It's a message that's been repeated here many times before: be vigilant when you receive a call from an unknown number. Over the past few days we have received several reports of unsolicited calls to so-called online cryptocurrency wallets. In…


Beware techscams (Microsoft scams) are back again

A "techscam" is a form of scam or fraud in which fraudsters use technology-related tactics to deceive individuals or businesses. The main objective of a techscam is usually to steal money, sensitive personal information or access computer systems…