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Teaching Materials

Teaching materials for up to age 12

In collaboration with various partners, the National Crisis Center has developed an exciting curriculum for pupils aged 6 to 12. The curriculum deals with various emergencies, including cyber threats.

In order to be able to respond quickly and correctly in an emergency, it is crucial to have a good knowledge of the risks present in the environment and to adopt the right reflexes. The programme is complemented by the online game BE-Ready, which prepares pupils for any emergency, such as a cyber threat.

To BE-Ready (Available in Dutch, French and German)


Interland is an educational game for children from 8 to 12 years old (and their parents). This fun tool is intended to develop the critical thinking of young internet users through quizzes, puzzles, riddles... and lots of action!

When should you share personal information, and with whom? How do you recognize an attempted scam? How do you respond to online harassment? How do you know what's real and what's not?

To Interland

Teaching materials for ages 12 upwards
Surf without worries

Surf without worries is a series of simple and accessible online cybersecurity courses.

  • In the first part, Watch where you're going!, learn to recognize fake messages that arrive in our email inboxes and on our mobile phones.
  • NEW: Discover now the 2nd part: Check before transferring money!

Go to surfwithoutworries.safeonweb.be

EDUBOX Cybersecurity

The EDUbox is an initiative of the VRT in collaboration with, among others, the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium. It is a teaching package for teachers in secondary education. The lessons show young people the risks and teach them how to use digital tools correctly and responsibly.

To the EDUbox

Friend Zone

Friend Zone is an online escape game for 12 to 16 year olds. The scenario is a good example of what young people may encounter in real life, and raises questions about sexting, cyber security, new technologies, privacy and hacking, among other things. The challenges that follow test your students' empathy and puzzle skills. Along with the link to the game, you will also receive an educational package for teachers and youth workers.

To Friend Zone