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Olivier Bogaert, Mr Cyber Prevention at the Federal Police, is retiring

After 41 years with the police, Superintendent Olivier Bogaert is stepping down. Two colleagues, one French-speaking and one Dutch-speaking, will speak on behalf of the Federal Judicial Police on all matters relating to cybercrime.


Cyber security: Facebook increasingly popular with hackers


Keep your operating system up-to-date


Beware when using Marketplace

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers on Marketplace ... This week, Commissioner Bogaert discusses the case of Maxime, who was the victim of an attempted extortion via this sales platform.  

There is no shortage of second-hand…


Cybersecurity: Hackers are targeting you more and more subtly

This week, Commissioner Olivier Bogaert talks about the use of fake identification pages and fake job offers to get information and then money out of you. Stay on your guard!

Data leaks from companies help hackers in their phishing…


Safe Surfing : Smart devices: be careful while on holiday!


Safe surfing: go on holiday with peace of mind

Already thinking about what to pack for your holidays? If you decide to take your computer with you, be sure to check that your system and antivirus software are up to date and that any patches have been installed. And don't hesitate to make a…


Safe Surfing : Smartwatches susceptible to hacking


We don't give it enough thought, but besides computers and smartphones, there are other devices that can be exposed to cyber attacks. In fact, any device connected to an account can be a target. The smartwatch is no exception.…


Safe Surfing : One ChatGPT can hide another!