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Safe Surfing : Smartwatches susceptible to hacking


We don't give it enough thought, but besides computers and smartphones, there are other devices that can be exposed to cyber attacks. In fact, any device connected to an account can be a target. The smartwatch is no exception. 

The smartwatch is attracting a growing audience. This is evidenced by the 30% increase in its use every year. This small device tracks, records and communicates health data of its user. Since the smartwatch is connected to the smartphone, it can also receive notifications and read the content of messages received. However, this connection carries a lot of risks.

Insofar as those connected watches do not share data about the user's health status with external companies so that they can use it for targeted advertising purposes, they are somewhat vulnerable in terms of security. After all, a hacker would be perfectly capable of getting his hands on this data and using it to know the exact location and habits of his target. The watch could also be used as a gateway to a company's network when connected to its Wi-Fi.

The owner of a smartwatch is also potentially more exposed to phishing since he cannot see the details of the sender of the email received. Thus, he will be tempted to immediately click on the notification, which may install malware on the phone. And this paves the way for a cyber attack. Backups are another weakness of this device. It has its own file reader and the data stored on it is not encrypted. A final weakness the experts highlight is the bluetooth connection between the watch and the smartphone, which allows data to be intercepted between the two devices.

To avoid exposure to all these risks, keep a series of tips in mind. You should regularly check the status of the watch's software and security updates and application permissions. It's also best to create a PIN or password to access content and be careful what you keep around your wrist. Finally, the most obvious recommendation is to keep in mind some basic basic cyber security measures. 

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National Security Plan 2022-2025 - The subject of this article is part of the fight against the phenomenon of Hacking, computer sabotage, computer fraud and Internet-based scams

Source: Federale Politie

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