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19 Mar 2020

Working safely from home - part 3: identify fake messages in time

Some organisations have allowed employees to work from home for one or more days per week for years. Others are suddenly confronted with the quarantine measures. Whatever the situation, working from home should not create a greater risk of…

19 Mar 2020

Working safely from home - part 2: a safe working environment

19 Mar 2020

Working safely from home - part 1: a properly secured network

07 Mar 2020

Coronavirus or the Oscars: current affairs are a trap!

Hackers always show a lot of ingenuity. Cybercriminals take advantage of current events to attract attention and encourage us to take certain actions. Watch out! 

The Kaspersky security lab warned us in a report that illustrated hackers'…

06 Mar 2020

Browse safely: Hackers try to set a trap for you via social media

06 Mar 2020

Browse safely: A QR code that gives access to your accounts!

A new form of fraud has emerged in the Netherlands that could also gain ground here. Fraudsters are trying to take over your accounts using a QR code. Be careful! Our Dutch neighbours have already had to deal with this kind of scam, and it could…

25 Sep 2019

Safe Surfing: depart with peace of mind on holiday

Now that the holidays are upon us, Commissioner Olivier Bogaert would like to give you some tips on how to browse safely.

Do you already know what you will take with you on holiday? If you decide to take your computer, make sure that…

06 Feb 2019

Safe Surfing: are you a victim of Cryptojacking?

To acquire a Bitcoin or another variant of crypto currencies, a computer has to perform a great many calculations that require a great deal of energy. A computer or smartphone making these calculations will be rewarded with Bitcoins, a process…

16 Oct 2018

Can you get super fit in just one minute? Yes, you can. Seriously.

All is not rosy with the digital health of the Belgians. But the solution is as simple as putting on your track shoes. You don’t even have to get out of your chair!

We are justifiably proud of our Rode Duivels! And equally proud of our…