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22 Nov 2021

What makes Safeonweb's campaigns successful? What makes them reach an ever wider audience?

17 Nov 2021

The Safeonweb application? Why do you need it?

15 Nov 2021

Phishing will remain one of the most important cyber threats for some time to come

It is crucial that we take appropriate technical protection measures and learn to respond appropriately to suspicious messages.

Cybercriminals exploit two types of vulnerabilities: technical and human. The technical vulnerabilities arise…

13 Oct 2021

Safe Surfing : Be careful with your smartphone!

08 Oct 2021

Cryptocurrencies and cybersecurity

04 Oct 2021

Safe online: Facebook wants to fight against fake news

09 Sep 2021

Safe online: A must-read book on cyberbullying

05 Jul 2021

"A strong and long password will always keep my account secure" True or false?

04 Jun 2021

"Transfer an amount of € 0.01 for IBAN bank verification. That is definitely safe." True or false?