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5 simple tips for safe surfing on your smartphone

Most internet users think it's normal to have a virus scanner on their laptop and PC and carry out regular updates. Our smartphones cry out for attention all day long and yet we are more nonchalant when it comes to their security. However, it's not that difficult to secure your smartphone. 

Here are 5 tips for a secure smartphone

  1. Set the access code of your device with at least 6 digits, use fingerprint or face recognition.
  2. Make sure your device and apps are always up to date. Do you get the question to perform updates? Do it the same evening.
  3. Only download apps from official app stores: Google Play or App Store. For Android devices, make sure that Google Play Protect is enabled if your device supports it
  4. Watch out for a fake text or WhatsApp message. It has been proven that we react faster and less critically when we receive a message on our smartphones. We carelessly click on a link in a text message, we quickly enter a code or we download an app without thinking. We receive a message from a family member who urgently needs money and quickly transfer the money. Before you know it, you've been scammed.
  5. Use a virus scanner on your Android deviceChoose one from our list. iPhone users can ignore this tip: there are hardly any known viruses for the iPhone.

More tips to secure your mobile devices

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