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Surfing Safely: Beware of your camera settings and credentials

Do you have a surveillance camera? It could be helping... the burglars themselves. Check the settings and change the password!

During the holiday season, many of you use surveillance cameras to watch over your home. But did you know that the images can fall into the wrong hands? "The problem is that many users don't know that it is important to check the security settings of this tool", warns commissioner Olivier Bogaert. To activate the camera, you need to connect it to the wi-fi. "If you look at the instructions for use, you will find the login, which is often the name of the brand. And the password you are asked to use is, unsurprisingly, "password" or "admin". What you don't know is that by limiting yourself to this information, you are going to make your camera images accessible to others," explains our cybersecurity expert. 

Free access to images 

The Insecam website has been around for several years and offers thousands of camera images from all over the world. For example, you can see barns where animals are resting, house entrances, garages, car parks, workplaces, shops, etc. Images that could allow burglars to document themselves. They will be able to get to know the habits of the people who live at these addresses better. 

The burglar will even be able to find the geographical coordinates of the places by clicking on the image... " To avoid this type of situation and to protect yourself, never hesitate to go to the settings to change the ID and password of your camera," advises our commissioner. 

Source: Federal Police

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