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Safe surfing: go on holiday with peace of mind

Already thinking about what to pack for your holidays? If you decide to take your computer with you, be sure to check that your system and antivirus software are up to date and that any patches have been installed. And don't hesitate to make a backup to deal with the consequences of an accident or theft, as already mentioned (https://www.police.be/5998/fr/actualites/surfons-tranquilles-le-cloud-un-outil-pas-suffisant). "On this subject, we also advise you to create a folder that you can encrypt and in which you can store sensitive data, such as that little memo file that you keep with all your passwords", explains Commissioner Bogaert of the Federal Computer Crime Unit. You can find all the information you need to encrypt your file at the following link (http://lecrabeinfo.net/proteger-et-crypter-un-dossier-avec-un-mot-de-passe.html). 

A few tips 

Once you arrive at your holiday destination, avoid connecting to unprotected Wi-Fi networks. "At your hotel, holiday club or campsite, if you are offered this service, ask for a login and password, and even if you have to pay for it, don't hesitate - a secure network is always preferable". Hackers are on the lookout: "They set up access points close to holiday resorts, which will enable them to capture the data being exchanged", explains Olivier Bogaert.  

 If you choose a Wi-Fi point, take the time to clean your browser's cache after each use via the settings. You should also avoid consulting your bank accounts from this access point, and indicating your departure and arrival dates on social networks. "Avoid using applications that help you plan your trip. They will record your location data and could, in addition to the information you have published, give would-be burglars information about your whereabouts. For the same reasons, we advise you to deactivate geolocation on your communication applications".


Source : Police Fédérale

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