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Cybersecurity: Hackers are targeting you more and more subtly

This week, Commissioner Olivier Bogaert talks about the use of fake identification pages and fake job offers to get information and then money out of you. Stay on your guard!

Data leaks from companies help hackers in their phishing attempts. False links are created to trick users, with the help of artificial intelligence.

Commissioner Bogaert gives two examples. "You have visited a site and you receive a message informing you that your session has expired. You are asked to identify yourself in order to reconnect. By clicking on the link, you arrive on a site that is exactly the same as the one you know and you provide your identification data, which will immediately be passed on to the crooks", explains our cybersecurity expert.

By playing on our tendency to respond quickly to a message without necessarily checking its origin, hackers will be able to access your accounts and change the password. So the best advice is to activate two-step validation.

Via job offers too...

Commissioner Bogaert also mentions a technique used by the Lazarus hacker group. "It consists of proposing a job offer that will prompt the person looking for a new job to click on the link or open files containing documents that invite the recipient to create an account and provide all their personal data in order to apply. And they also use the technique of posting job offers via, for example, sponsored content on social networks", warns Superintendent Bogaert.

So before going ahead, make sure you find out as much as you can, and even contact the company concerned directly.


Source : https://www.police.be/5998/fr/actualites/cybersecurite-les-pirates-vous-ciblent-de-plus-en-plus-subtilement