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Keep your operating system up-to-date

Google is warning us about a weakness in Android. What exactly? Hackers can take control of your device without you having clicked on anything. So remember to update your devices. 

Cybersecurity : Veillez à la mise à jour de votre système d'exploitation
Beware if you use a smartphone or tablet running any of the following Android versions: Android 11, 12, 12L, 13 and 14. They appear to be more vulnerable than other devices. To trap us, hackers often ask us to perform a certain action such as downloading a file. But here that is not the case... "The weakness reported by Google is the 'zero-click'. This means that you are never contacted and the hackers can take control of your device without you having clicked on anything. There are currently no precise details available about this tool, but this 'zero-click' technique allows hackers to remotely use a code," explained commissioner Olivier Bogaert.

Google did not specify whether this weakness has already been exploited, but this vulnerability should not be taken too lightly. An update has therefore been rolled out to close this security hole.  "Not all devices can have it immediately. After all, our smartphones and tablets depend on different manufacturers and so it is their job to roll out the update for their devices." 

Check for yourself 

So our commissioner recommends that you go to your device's settings to check if this update is available. "Open the settings and select the 'System' tab. In this content, click on 'System Update' and you will find out if this update is available. If this update is not offered, we recommend installing a mobile antivirus programme." Because while developers offer a basic protection solution, updates are needed to protect us from new threats ...

Source: Federal Police


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