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Olivier Bogaert, Mr Cyber Prevention at the Federal Police, is retiring

After 41 years with the police, Superintendent Olivier Bogaert is stepping down. Two colleagues, one French-speaking and one Dutch-speaking, will speak on behalf of the Federal Judicial Police on all matters relating to cybercrime.

20 years serving the public in the media

In 2004, Commissioner Bogaert was asked to give advice and information to the general public. On the radio - Surfons Tranquille! on radio, television and at conferences, his teaching skills, patience and ability to explain technical concepts and information in layman's terms have made him an authority on the subject for the French-speaking public. 
Since 1 April, Olivier has no longer been a commissioner, but we can be sure that he won't disappear from our airwaves!

Olivier Bogaert
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Christophe & Christophe: two cyber experts from the Federal Judicial Police

For over a year, Christophe Axen, Deputy Director of the Regional Computer Crime Unit of the PJF in Liège, and Christophe Van Bortel, Deputy Director of the Regional Computer Crime Unit of the PJF in Antwerp, have been responding to a wide range of requests in French and Dutch. Universities, recruitment fairs, traditional or web media, they represent the Federal Judicial Police in all matters relating to cybercrime in addition to their operational duties. With their expertise in the field and their willingness to share their passion for ICT and for the profession of criminal investigation police officer, they are and will continue to be key contacts for representing the Federal Judicial Police.

Source : Federal Police

Christophe Axen
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Christophe Van Bortel
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