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What are your good resolutions when it comes to online security?

The year 2024 is upon us, and with it comes the opportunity to make good resolutions to strengthen our online security. As technology evolves at a frenetic pace, online threats continue to grow. Protecting our personal and financial information…


December: a festive month but also a month of scams

This December month is all about parties and reunions. But beware: cybercriminals are more active than ever at the end of the year.

Beware when doing your end-of-year shopping online. Scammers will try to trick you with tempting offers…


Eye for each other. Together, we can prevent smartphone theft. But how do I secure my smartphone just in case?


Thank you Saint-Nicolas for the connected toys, but ... are they safe?


Attention: Black Friday Week

Black Friday is the time to shop, both in-store and online. Cybercriminals are back with all their classics. Be vigilant and don't click on a link without checking its origin. Make sure the email, offer, publication or text message is legitimate…


Child Focus fights against non-consensual sexting and exposing

Child Focus is launching a new campaign to combat non-consensual sexting and exposing via Glenn's smartphone.
Here's his story: in June 2017, 15-year-old Glenn took his own life. His nude photo, associated with his name, was shared on a fake…


Warning: fake e-mails circulating in the name of Sharp Insurance Brokers

This time cybercriminals are trying to pass themselves off as Sharp Insurance Brokers.

Their aim is to steal your personal data. If you are not a Sharp Insurance Brokers customer and you receive a suspicious e-mail, delete it.



The Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium is launching a new initiative for businesses and organisations in Belgium - Safeonweb@work


Proximus offers you a smartphone? Beware of phishing

Have you been invited to exchange your loyalty points for a free smartphone? Beware, phishing e-mails appearing to come from Proximus are circulating.
You are offered to exchange your points before a certain date in order to get a free…