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The Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium is launching a new initiative for businesses and organisations in Belgium - Safeonweb@work


Proximus offers you a smartphone? Beware of phishing

Have you been invited to exchange your loyalty points for a free smartphone? Beware, phishing e-mails appearing to come from Proximus are circulating.
You are offered to exchange your points before a certain date in order to get a free…


Beware: fake vacancies in circulation


Don't get your Facebook or Instagram account hacked

Over the past few weeks, we have again been getting a lot of questions from people whose Facebook or Instagram account has been hacked.  This is annoying and it is sometimes very difficult to regain control of your account.

How do…

AG Insurance warns against fraudulent SMS messages

Have you received an SMS in the last few weeks that appears to be from AG Insurance? Beware, this is a fraudulent SMS.

he SMS tells AG customers that they are going to receive compensation. They are then asked to click on a link that…


Safeonweb App temporarily unavailable for Android 13 and 14

Currently, the Safeonweb App is no longer available in the Google Play Store for some devices using Android version 13 and 14. This problem is being fixed and the App will be available again very soon for all versions of Android.  Some…


Beware of Quishing: the new phishing technique


Fluvius warns of fake messages

A lot of fake e-mails, text messages and WhatsApp messages in the name of Fluvius are circulating. In these, scammers impersonate employees of the grid company. This is how they try to gain citizens' trust, and then make off with money. 


Can you recognise a suspicious URL?