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Help! My camera footage is online!

More and more devices are connected, such as refrigerators, alarm clocks, cars, coffee makers, heating, alarms, toys, etc. Smart connected devices are devices from our daily lives that are connected to the Internet. The Internet hen becomes an Internet of Things: a collection of interconnected computers and devices. Connecting devices on the Internet always poses a risk.

What are the risks?

There is a risk that these devices do not respect the user's privacy or that they somehow take control of the network to which they were added.

Protection of your privacy

Connected devices often collect personal data (smartwatch, alarm clock, camera etc. Users have little or no control over the use and protection of this data. The responsibility for protecting your data rests with the manufacturer. They are the only one who has control over how the device functions and therefore over how the data are used.

Checking the devices

Connected devices are often abused by cybercriminals, for a "Distributed Denial of service" (DDOS) type attack, with the goal of overloading a connection service rendering it inaccessible. This type of attack uses millions of IP addresses infected with a virus, which takes control of the device and incorporates all infected machines into a network of "bots" that the criminal can control remotely. This network is called a "Botnet".

Criminals can take control of connected devices such as cameras.  They can then post the images from your camera online.

Advice for safe use of connected devices
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