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I keep getting calls and messages from an unknown number

Are you getting incoming calls and messages from an unknown number? Be careful

You may be being contacted by a salesperson or telemarketing agency conducting a (user) survey. This could be annoying to some, but it doesn’t pose a threat. However, there are many forms of scams where you are contacted on an unknown number.

Wangiri callback fraud is a type of scam where people try to get you to call back to premium rate numbers. Your phone rings once and if you call back, you don't get anyone on the phone. You hear a waiting tone or nothing at all, but meanwhile the expenses are racking up without you realising it.

In a Microsoft or tech scam, you are contacted by someone on the phone who pretends to work as a helpdesk employee for Microsoft, Apple or another IT company. The scammer makes you believe that your computer has a security issue and they suggest ways to secure your computer https://safeonweb.be/en/i-receive-call-unknown-person-about-problem-my-pc

A robocall is an automatically generated telephone call. When you are called by a robocall, you will hear a pre-recorded message or a robotic voice. You will be asked to dial a number to continue. Robocalls can be used by companies for actions towards their customers. Unfortunately, robocalls are mostly used by scammers. You receive a call that seems to come from the police or a government service that wants to warn you about a problem with your bank card. Then your details are requested and you can be scammed.

Safe deposit account fraud involves being contacted by someone claiming to be an employee of your bank. This supposed bank employee is trying to convince you to transfer your entire account to another account https://www.febelfin.be/nl/artikel/kluisrekeningfraude-laat-je-niet-vangen

Smishing is a form of phishing where you receive a text or SMS message containing a link taking you to a fake website, which will ask you to fill in your (bank) details.

Text message fraud. You get a text message. If you reply, you will receive a series of expensive text messages that you will have to pay for. Sometimes the message asks you to call a foreign number urgently, in which case you will have to pay that bill as well.

What to do when you receive an incoming call or message from an unknown number

Never give out personal details, passwords, bank card codes or response codes via an e-mail, telephone call, text message or social media.

Never call back numbers that you do not know. Never answer calls from unknown numbers, especially if they are foreign numbers. And do not call back either: it is often a case of Wangiri fraud.

Don't just believe what people tell you on the phone. Microsoft or any other tech company is not going to call you up uninvited, nor will your bank ask you for your passcodes over the phone or to open a new account.

Never click on a link in a text message you receive. Do not reply to these messages. 

How to avoid unwanted calls

Being contacted by strangers is inevitable. 

Neither your provider nor Safeonweb can block telephone numbers. 

However, you can block unwanted numbers yourself from your mobile device.

Proceed as follows:

Have you been scammed?

Did you receive a suspicious phone call? Report it to the FPS Economy via https://meldpunt.belgie.be/meldpunt/en/welcome

Contact your bank and call Card Stop on 078 170 170 if you have passed on bank details, money has disappeared from your bank account or if you have transferred money to a scammer. This allows fraudulent transactions to be blocked.

We recommend filing a report with the police. You can file a report with the local police in your place of residence.

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