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Scan your computer

A virus scanner ensures that your computer is not vulnerable to viruses. It is the most important piece of software for protecting your computer and your data. Although no virus scanner offers 100% protection, installing one is crucial.

Here you can find a number of tips that can help you choose a virus scanner.

Want to find out if you have a virus? Scan your computer right away!

Perform the virus test.

Which virus scanner should you choose?

Select a virus scanner by comparing the quality and features of the various virus scanners. Choose a virus scanner that activates every time you open a file or click on a link, and also when you explicitly request it to do so.

What risks do you want to protect your computer against?

Every virus scanner protects you against current viruses, 'worms' and other forms of malicious cyber infections, but you can often opt for extra features.

Compare free and paying virus scanners

Do not be fooled by the price of a virus scanner. More expensive does not necessarily mean more efficient. Free virus scanners also generally do a good job.

Always check what is included in the package of a free or 'cheaper' version: which features are available, how much support is provided, how often you are shown ads, etc.

If you opt for a 'more expensive' version, be sure to calculate the total price for a specific period. Check whether additional costs are charged for updates or support.

A new day, a new virus ...

Unfortunately, new viruses are developed every day. That is why it is essential that you always install the latest updates offered by your virus scanner. Most virus scanners let you opt to have these updates installed automatically and to have a scan run regularly.

Be wary of fake scanners!

You will find a large selection of virus scanners on the Internet. However, they cannot all be trusted. Worse yet, there are plenty of examples of programs advertised as virus scanners that infect your computer with viruses or steal credit card data, for example.

Click here for a list of reliable virus scanners. Or ask your internet provider or bank which virus scanners they recommend.

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