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Do you have a virus?

Not sure whether you have a virus on your computer? 

Perform a free online scan available from any of these antivirus websites * (for Windows users only):

If you already have a virus scanner, put it to work immediately. If a virus is detected, the virus scanner takes you through the process of removing the virus. 

Choose a virus scanner

If you do not already have a virus scanner installed, choose one from the list of reliable virus scanners from the neutral institute AV Test. You can always contact your Internet Service Provider or your bank for advice about a reliable virus scanner.

Installing one reliable virus scanner is sufficient.

Do you need a virus scanner on your smartphone?

Read it here

Disclaimer: Why these products? 

The Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB) has selected a series of products currently on the market based on objective criteria.

However, the CCB accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the downloading or use of these programs. Users are advised to download only the programs in question from the developers' official website.

In addition, the CCB cannot be held liable to users or third parties for any direct or indirect damage resulting from any errors in the updates or the collection or interpretation of the information they provide.

Under no circumstances can the CCB be held responsible in the event of a temporary interruption or malfunction of the user's system. 

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