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How to protect your accounts

Too many people only use a password to protect their accounts, such as on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Usually, they also use a simple combinations like 123456, azerty, their pet's name or their name and year of birth. That's not a good idea, because anyone who knows a little bit about them could guess these.  There are also computer programs that try all possible combinations of letters and numbers at a dizzying speed until they find the right combination.  Such a program can guess short passwords in minutes or even seconds.

To better protect your accounts, you need to do take a different approach.  Forget your old passwords and follow these tips:

​​​​​​​Has your account been hacked?

You will notice strange activity on your account: you’re sending messages to friends without you knowing it, messages and pictures start to appear that you have not posted yourself, etc. This means that your account has probably been hacked by someone.

Here, you can find out how to regain control of your account.

Are your accounts properly secured?
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