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13 Oct 2021

Safe Surfing : Be careful with your smartphone!

05 Jul 2021

"A strong and long password will always keep my account secure" True or false?

25 Jun 2021

Cryptocurrencies and cybersecurity

Crypto coins are virtual coins. There are currently hundreds of crypto currencies, the best known of which is Bitcoin. Recently, public attention for Bitcoin has risen sharply. Investing in crypto currencies is popular, but it is also causing…

04 Jun 2021

"Transfer an amount of € 0.01 for IBAN bank verification. That is definitely safe." True or false?

03 Jun 2021

Browse safely: Tips to limit data sharing

28 May 2021

"It is safe to store all your passwords in an online password vault" True or false?

30 Apr 2021

"An https website is always safe." True or false?

Cybercriminals are always finding new ways to make their move. Tips for safe browsing, therefore, change regularly. Some recommendations are outdated and gives a false sense of security. Today we disprove myth 1: "all https websites are safe".
28 Jan 2021

Enjoy online life in 2021 as well!

15 Dec 2020

Yes, I'm serious

Yes, I'm serious

Passwords are out of date.  Unfortunately, we still need them and we have to enter passwords several times a day. But if it were up to me, you could just forget your passwords altogether.

We know that people still use passwords like 1234…