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Belgium announces the end of phishing

Today, the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB) and the Cyber Security Coalition are launching the Stay safe online initiative, a series of simple and accessible online training courses on cyber security. In the first part, "Look where you're going!”, people will learn to identify fake messages that they receive in their inboxes and on their mobile phones. In order to reach as many people as possible, the banking sector will also share this series en masse. If everyone learns to recognize fraudulent messages, Belgium can really announce the end of phishing.

Theft of bank codes, passwords or confidential information is a scourge that affects everyone. Over the years, it has even become a real social problem. Although more and more Belgians know that they have to be careful when they receive a message with a link (in 2022, 6 million fraudulent messages were reported to suspicious@safeonweb.be), some people still fall into the trap of fraudsters. Although phishing affects everyone in their private lives, it is also one of the biggest risks for Belgian companies. 

Look where you’re going

Look where you’re going is the first part of the series Stay safe online. The following parts are about online scams, protecting online accounts, protecting online data, and more.  The series is available on www.safeonweb.be from today.

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