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Don't be fooled by investment scams

Fraudsters are becoming increasingly cunning. Investing online is not without risks. Using false promises, fraudsters offer you deals that are too good to be true. If you're not careful, you'll be a victim of a scam before you know it.

How can you spot a scam?

To fool you, fraudsters are incredibly inventive and use all sorts of tricks to get in touch with you and win your trust. By e-mail or telephone, by false advertising... Before accepting an offer, read our advice on how to avoid being swindled. You'll then be better protected against investment fraud.

Check the identity of the supplier

Always check the identity of your supplier. You can never be too careful. FSMA publishes lists of companies authorised to offer financial products and services. If the provider is not on the list, be very careful and do not accept the offer. Check whether you can find their name on the list of companies operating irregularly.

Be on your guard because you can always be the target of another fraud attempt: that's the aim of recovery rooms. In general, it's the same crooks who offer victims their money back!

Beware of cloned companies

Even if you think you know the supplier, check the supplier's identity several times and check that the contact details are correct. Scammers often misuse the name of a well-known, accredited company. This is known as the "cloned firm" phenomenon. You can find more information here.

Don't pay into a foreign account

Never accept an offer immediately. Wait a while or decline the offer. This will give you more time to find out all you need to know about the company offering you an investment. Be sure to check the company's URL and e-mail address. An address abroad, particularly outside the European Union, makes it more difficult to get in touch if there is a problem later on.

Be critical of every offer

Be critical of every offer you receive. If an offer seems too good to be true, it's probably a scam. Make sure you understand what you're buying and what your money will be used for. Be particularly wary if someone wants to sell you complicated investments that you don't clearly understand.

If in doubt, contact FSMA!

You can always contact FSMA about a potentially fraudulent investment offer. If you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to fill in the contact form. FSMA will contact you as soon as possible!

Source: FSMA & WikiFin (FR / NL)


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