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National Cyber Security Awareness Campaign 2023

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The Centre for Cyber Security Belgium (CCB), Febelfin and the Cyber Security Coalition are joining forces again for an annual cyber security awareness campaign.  We can rely on more than 600 enthusiastic organisations that use our campaign materials to educate colleagues, customers or students about security online. Your organisation is one of those volunteers.

The theme of the campaign is (again!) the fight against phishing.  Phishing is a major annoyance for individual internet users but also for companies, organisations and the government. Not only are these messages annoying, they also make many victims.  In 2022, a total of 39.8 million euros was captured as a result of phishing, up from last year (2021: 25 million euros).

Campaigning together!

During the campaign, we will shout it from the rooftops via radio ads, social media videos, banners and other campaign materials. We need your help to distribute the campaign materials. Link to the campaign material


Never fall into the trap again! Discover 4 handy tools

The Safeonweb browser extension

Install the Safeonweb extension in your browser.  It will warn you when you visit an unsafe website and when it is dangerous to enter your data.

Email address suspicious@

Forward suspicious message to suspicious@safeonweb.be. From all the messages you send to suspicious@safeonweb.be, we investigate suspicious links. If a less attentive internet user clicks on that link, they will get a clear warning not to surf to that page. More info on this e-mail address can be found here.

The Safeonweb app

We collect information on common suspicious messages and share it via the Safeonweb app. This way you are quickly informed when suspicious messages are circulating. You can find the Safeonweb app in the official appstores (App Store and Google Play Store).

The Safeonweb e-learning

Learn how to recognise fraudulent messages: Find out more at surfwithoutworries.safeonweb.be


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