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What is a money mule ?

The mule is a person who transfers illegally obtained money between different payment accounts, very often in different countries, while earning a commission. It can also be a person who gives his or her bank card and PIN code for criminal activities.

Often, criminals use people under the age of 35 who are either students or in financial difficulty. Although it may seem innocent at times, it is completely illegal to lend or give your bank card in exchange for a commission. However, 10% of 16-24 year olds are willing to do this for a fee.

Where, when and how do criminals approach you?

The process is fairly standard. First, they contact you via :

  • whatsapp ;
  • social networks (Instagram);
  • mail ;
  • online advertisements;
  • in train stations. 

They manage to spot easy prey. Then they promise you large sums of money. To convince you, they give you examples of other people who have been there and got rich. BEWARE. Earning money easily, without effort, is too good to be true and certainly illegal.  

What exactly are they asking you?

  • send money through your bank account in exchange for a commission
  • lend your bank card and PIN code
  • do what they say to the letter (pretending it is safe)
  • give out your bank account number or your bank card and PIN
  • persuade other people to become money mules for a fee. 

What do I risk?

By being around dangerous people and being involved in shady (illegal) business, you risk :

  • physical and psychological violence from these criminals
  • getting involved with the police;
  • lose all your money and have your account blocked;
  • having a criminal record.

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