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Safeonweb App temporarily unavailable for Android 13 and 14

Currently, the Safeonweb App is no longer available in the Google Play Store for some devices using Android version 13 and 14. This problem is being fixed and the App will be available again very soon for all versions of Android.  Some people put off installing Android 13 to still be able to use the Safeonweb App. We strongly advise against this!  It is important to always use the most up-to-date version of programmes and operating systems.

Why are operating system updates important?

Updates often contain security patches that close vulnerabilities. In addition, updates can also add new features and improvements to the operating system. By performing regular updates, you can keep your devices safe and up-to-date. Read more about updates. 

What is the Safeonweb App? 

The Safeonweb App is a free app from the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB) that alerts you to cyber threats and online scams.  You can download the Safeonweb App for iOS and Android from the respective app stores. The app is free and user-friendly. Read more about the Safeonweb App.


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