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New wave of phishing messages and fake websites Mypension.be

Be careful !

Criminals seem to be again using e-mail or a fake website of the Pensions Service (Mypension.be) to collect your personal and banking data by phone, e-mail or SMS. Never give out your details! Criminals use them to get money out of you.

The Pensions Department will never contact you by phone, e-mail or SMS to ask for your personal or bank details. 

How can I recognise the fake mypension website (the fraudulent copy)?
- The URL - the address of the website that appears in the browser bar - is myn-pension-cloud, www.mypensiondossier011.me or a variant. And therefore not www.mypension.be as on the real site.

Find out what messages are circulating in the name of the Pensions Service.


I have received a suspicious message

If you received a suspicious message:

  • Send this message to suspicious@safeonweb.be
  • Do not click on the link
  • Delete the message
  • File a complaint with the police if you have fallen victim to fraud
  • Notify your bank if there transactions were made on your account