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Get rich quick, easy and risk-free with cryptocurrencies... really? Beware! It's most likely a scam.

Do you see a tempting advertisement on your social networks, receive an email or a phone call that promises you a big gain if you accept an offer to invest in a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum? Many consumers fall into this trap. Avoid being the next victim by following the advice of the FSMA and the FPS Economy (only in French or Dutch).

  1. Check the identity of your contact person. Is it possible to reach them by e-mail and telephone? In which country is their head office located? Does he have a licence to offer this type of product? Check that they are not known for fraud on tropbeaupouretrevrai.be (in French or Dutch) or contact the FSMA.
  2. Look out for scammers who impersonate authorised companies: check the contact details and the authenticity of the website of the person you are dealing with. Be careful if the website has been created recently. More info on cloned firms.
  3. Never share personal data such as a copy of your ID card, credit card number, photo or proof of address.
  4. Demand clear and understandable information from the person you are dealing with. And be critical of this information. Take your time before accepting an offer. Don't be pushed around or intimidated.
  5. Be wary if the person you are talking to asks you to pay money into a bank account in a country other than their headquarters.
  6. If it sounds too good to be true, it isn't! Buying cryptocurrencies is always a very risky investment: you have no certainty of getting your initial capital back, nor of receiving a profit.

(Video only in French or Dutch)

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