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Beware of false messages that seem to be sent by ONSS/RSZ

We have recently been informed that phishing e-mails are circulating in the name of the ONSS/RSZ (National Social Security Office). These are usually e-mails stating that "you are entitled to compensation" (or variations of this message, e.g. "you have received a new document on Doccle").

Using the QR code mentioned in the e-mail (see example below), you will be directed to a fake website with a page that looks very much like an official login screen, where you will have to choose a link to your bank (this is an attempt to get your account numbers and associated PIN codes, so don't do anything).

Do you receive such a suspicious message and are asked to click on a link or provide your bank details? Don't do it, but forward the message to suspicious@safeonweb.be. We can have suspicious links blocked. If you hover over the link without clicking, the real link will appear (see red box). You can then clearly see that it does not point to an ONSS/RSZ domain.

More information: https://www.onss.be/actualites/2022/10/14/attention-au-phishing- / https://www.rsz.be/nieuws/2022/10/14/opgelet-voor-phishing  

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