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Beware of Remote Access Scams: hackers take control of your device

In recent weeks, we have received several reports of victims of a scam where they are asked to download a program. This is Remote Desktop Software which allows hackers to take control of your computer remotely. Unfortunately, this type of software (sometimes very useful) can be misused by fraudsters. This type of scam is called a remote access scam.

Here are the testimonies of some victims:

Anja: All of a sudden, a message appeared on my computer warning me that my computer was infected with a "Trojan horse" (a virus) and that I should call a number for help. The person I got on the line took control of my computer after installing Anydesk. I was asked to pay 359 euros for the installation of these programs and for support for one year.

Amir: A company called Blockchain explained to me that they wanted to refund the money I had lost a year earlier through another company called Financial Reserve. My PC was remotely controlled using AnyDesk. I received instructions via Google Translate to pay the money.

Jack: This afternoon I received a phone call from someone at the FPS who sounded very reliable and claimed that I had been hacked and was on a money laundering list. I was put in touch with Europol and asked to answer a series of personal questions. I had to install and open Anydesk Remote Desktop. I found this suspicious and ended the call. 

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