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Wave of vishing underway. Be wary of phone calls that appear to come from Card Stop

Over the past week, we have received a number of vishing alerts: telephone scam attempts aimed at obtaining your personal details, particularly your banking details.
Victims receive a phone call from an automated messaging system that introduces itself as Card Stop .
It announces that a payment of €2,600 will be made. If you do not want to authorise this payment, press 1.
The citizen was then put in touch with a Card Stop employee. The employee informed that several suspicious transfers had been detected on the victim's account. To block these payments, the victim was asked to provide a series of personal details such as his name, date of birth, etc.
The call came from an unknown number or mobile phone number.
The fake Card Stop employees on the other end of the line are articulate and very convincing.

What to do if you get an unexpected phone call?

Vishing is scamming over the phone. Scammers call you and ask for personal or financial information, or they ask to transfer money.

  • Never give out personal details, passwords, bank card codes or response codes over the phone.
  • Never call back unknown numbers. Never answer calls from numbers you don't know, especially foreign numbers. Definitely do not call these numbers back.
  • Don't just believe what people tell you on the phone. A technology company, your bank, the police or the government never ask for your details or codes over the phone. 
  • Do not give access to your device by downloading a programme. https://safeonweb.be/en/scammers-take-control-my-device-remotely-remote-access-scam


Have you been scammed?

  • From the moment you lose money or are being extorted, we recommend reporting it to the police. File a report with the local police in your place of residence.  
  • Contact your bank and/or Card Stop on 078 170 170 if you have passed on bank details, money disappears from your bank account or if you have transferred money to a fraudster. That way, any fraudulent transactions can be blocked.
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