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Warning: suspicious messages in the name of My e-Box

More than 900 citizens have reported receiving suspicious messages in the name of My e-Box this week. These messages seem to be about an update that you have to accept, but it is actually an attempt to get your login data. Beware!

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What to do if you are not sure?

Surf to https://myebox.be. This will allow you to log in safely to My e-Box and check whether you have received a new message.

How can you know if a message that seems to come from My e-Box is real or false?

The only way to know for sure whether the message is real or fake is to go over the 'button' with your mouse, without clicking. At the bottom, you will see the URL of the website to which you are directed. In that URL you have to check the 'domain'. The domain is what is written just before '.be'. If this domain is Belgium (as in: https://mycitizenebox.belgium.be/myebox/?lang=nl), you will be directed to the real My e-Box website. If it says something else before .be, the domain is fake and you should not click on it.

Be careful

The false message that is circulating is very well imitated.

  • At first sight, you cannot distinguish a false message from a real message. The form and layout are identical.
  • It does not contain any other errors.
  • In the fake message you are addressed with Dear Sir/Madam, but not with your name.
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