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Warning: phishing attempt in the name of Safeonweb

This week, we received several reports from members of the public who received a so-so email from Safeonweb. This message is not from Safeonweb, nor from CardStop.

The sender indeed appears to be Safeonweb, but the message does not come from us. The email address has been spoofed. These scammers try to make you believe that Cardstop is sending you an alert. Then they ask you to contact them on a mobile number.

STOP. Do not contact these scammers. Delete the message.

fake SOW
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What is email spoofing?

Email spoofing is a technique used for spam and phishing messages to trick people into believing that a message is coming from a person or organization they know and trust.  The sender edits the email header, to make sure the victim sees a different sender address. The message can therefore look quite real, especially if the e-mail address seems to be correct.

How do I recognise fake e-mails?

How do I recognise fake e-mails?