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Safeonweb Campaign 2023: Phishing, the devil's in the details!

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Society still plagued by phishing scourge

The Centre for Cyber Security (CCB), Febelfin and the Cyber Security Coalition today launched a major awareness campaign, "Phishing, the devil's in the details!", to combat the ongoing threat of phishing (and the huge losses it causes*).

The campaign is yet another reminder of the need to recognise the traps set by cyber criminals. In the case of phishing, this means paying attention to the domain names (URLs) of fake sites. These are identical in appearance to official or trusted sites, except for a few details.

The Safeonweb toolbox gets even bigger

For this campaign and European Cybersecurity Month, CCB has launched the Safeonweb browser extension. Internet users now have a valuable tool at their disposal for the detection and avoidance of phishing attempts via fraudulent websites or platforms.

This extension helps users to assess the reliability of the websites they visit. It assigns a trust level (high, medium or low) to the domains they visit. To protect themselves from submitting confidential information to unsafe websites, users are encouraged to install the extension.

* In 2022 (source: Febelfin), a total of 39.8 million euros will have been stolen through phishing in our country.

More information on the 2023 Campaign


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