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Police warns of phishing in the name of PayPal

The Federal Police warns of a new form of phishing.

The online payment service PayPal is again the victim of identity theft. Beware of fake messages and do not share personal data.

The online payment service PayPal, often used in this corona period, is the target of hackers. Many people receive (fake) e-mails mentioning the name PayPal, they click on the link and share their personal data with the fraudsters. The latter also use the identity of PayPal to make you believe that their online payment for an item you are selling has been made and that you may therefore send the item. "However, this is a fake mail with exactly the same form and content as the mails from PayPal. To protect yourself against this technique, you should pay attention to a few details. For example, you should check the sender's address. If there is no mention of "@paypal.be" or "@e.paypal.be" in the address, then it is undoubtedly a fraudulent e-mail," says Commissioner Olivier Bogaert of the Federal Computer Crime Unit. 

Source: Federal Police


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