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New form of fraud: 'Sentimental' investment fraud

In recent times, the number of sentimental (or friendship) scams has increased and is becoming worrying. The aim is to extort money from you. Scammers approach you through dating websites or social networks. They pretend to be wealthy businessmen or women and try to persuade you to invest in cryptocurrencies. You then risk losing your money, often large sums, on investment platforms.

The scam has the appearance of a sentimental scam, but is actually a means of committing investment fraud through a personal approach. Be on your guard.  

Have you been contacted by potential "love" scammers? STOP.

  • Don't get involved in the conversation and don't reply.
  • Block the person.
  • Don't make any requests.
  • Don't give out your personal details or photos.

You can find out more about investment scams by following these links:

volledige breedte
volledige breedte