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Facebook data breach: protect yourself against phishing and online scams

On Saturday 03/04 it came to light that hackers had captured the data of 533 million Facebook users, including 3.18 million in Belgium. It concerns personal data such as full names, telephone numbers, location data and e-mail addresses. No passwords were reportedly stolen.

Has my data been leaked?

On the website https://benikerbij.be, you can find out, on the basis of your mobile number, whether your Facebook data is part of the data leak. This website was developed thanks to Belgian ethical hacker Inti De Ceukelaire.

On the website https://haveibeenpwned.com, you can find an overview of data leaks based on your e-mail address.

My data has been leaked. What do I do now?

Cybercriminals who have your personal data, such as your place of residence, your full name, your telephone number, and your e-mail address, can misuse this information to steal your money. With this information, they try to gain your trust. They pretend to be someone else: a bank, a family member, or a collection agency and convince you to share your bank details or make a payment.

So follow our golden rules:

  • Never share your bank details or passwords with anyone.
  • Check the website where you are making a payment. Search for reviews using a search engine and verify the domain name in the address bar. Do not pay if in doubt.
  • Never give access to your devices to someone you don't know. Do not accept a stranger's request to download a program onto your device. With this program, often a Remote Desktop Software, you give access to your device!

Is there a way to still secure your data?

Once your data has been leaked online, it is no longer possible to take it offline. It is therefore very important to be vigilant about scammers on the internet.

Be alert to phishing and online scams

Following the data breach at Facebook, it is important to be extra vigilant for cyber-attacks and online fraud.

Passwords and account security

Passwords would not be part of the data breach at Facebook.

Some data breaches do contain passwords. It is therefore important to secure your accounts with our tips:

  • Use two-step verification (2FA)
  • Use different passwords and keep them in a password safe
  • Change your password regularly