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Cryptocurrency: watch out for ads from your friends

Investing in cryptocurrency is a media circus. With the energy crisis and rising prices, some people want to invest in the hope of making a profit to make ends meet. Cybercriminals know this and take advantage of it to decieve you. In recent weeks, we have been getting reports from people whose Facebook or Instagram accounts have been hacked.  From their account, messages are sent to all their friends to convince them to also invest in cryptocurrency.

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Have you received a message like this from a friend on Facebook or Instagram?


  • Don't reply to it;
  • Notify your friend that his or her account has probably been hacked;
  • Delete the message.

Has your account been hacked? How do you regain control of your account?


  • Do you still have access to the account? If so, change the password of that account and your other accounts immediately;
  • No longer have access? Use the recovery options to regain access and then change all your passwords;
  • Notify your friends that your account has been hacked that you are sending weird messages that they should ignore.