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Safe online: Facebook wants to fight against fake news

Conspiracy theories became widespread during the Covid-19 crisis. To cope with this, Facebook has implemented new features. They aim to inform users who react to content that is identified as false.

Facebook recently introduced three new features. The goal: to fight against fake news by informing users when they react to content identified as false by independent experts. "One of the first features will display notifications. If you want to subscribe to a page, whose publication has appeared in your profile feed, a window will open and will inform you that the contents, shared in the page, are completely false. This window will also contain a link you can click on that gives you information on how to verify the content in question," explains cybersecurity specialist Commissioner Bogaert.

Reduced visibility of fake information

Instagram pages, groups, and accounts are also covered by this measure, as well as your personal account, if you share this content. "The visibility of your posts will then be limited. They will no longer be available at the top of your profile feed and will be at the very bottom. You will then receive a notification inviting you to view the review results and an invitation to share it with your friends or subscribers."

Facebook has also set up a notification that prompts you to be aware of the full content of published articles. Readers will avoid misinterpretations after simply reading a title or consulting a photo.

Source: Federal Police

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