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"Is it you in this video?" Ignore this Messenger message

Did you get this Messenger message from a Facebook friend?  The message makes you curious with "Is it you in this video?".  If you click on the link, you'll be taken to a fake webpage that asks for your Facebook login details.  If you enter your details there, they are in the hands of cybercriminals who hack into your Facebook account and resend the message to all your contacts.

Such messages have been popping up regularly via Messenger for years.  Victims fall into the trap because they trust the message: it comes from a friend.  The fraudsters are counting on you being curious enough to click on the video.

Did you get this message?

  • Do not click on the link to the video and do not enter any data.
  • Send a screenshot of the message to suspicious@safeonweb.be.
  • Delete the message.
  • Notify your Facebook friend that his or her account has been hacked. 

Did you pass on your details?

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