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Use anti ransomware software

For every internet user

It is important to protect your devices with antivirus software, but also specific protection against ransomware has become a must.

Install anti-ransomware such as

For companies and organisations

The recommendations for every internet user are of course also important for companies and organisations, but we advise them to go a step further.

  • For SMEs and the self-employed, Endpoint protection software as listed above may be sufficient. But for large companies, a specialized business anti-ransomware solution is recommended.
  • Provide a business continuity and recovery plan with a tested backup system.
  • Make sure your organisation is prepared for a cyber-attack. Check out our webinar.
  • Have your IT security architecture & policy reviewed by a specialist (including policies on patching, user training, network segmentation, etc.).
  • Work on a cybersecurity strategy. Read how to do this here.

More info about Ransomware

CERT.be ransomware brochure available in Dutch and French.

Disclaimer: Why these products? 

The Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB) has selected a series of products currently on the market based on objective criteria.

However, the CCB accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the downloading or use of these programs. Users are advised to download only the programs in question from the developers' official website.

In addition, the CCB cannot be held liable to users or third parties for any direct or indirect damage resulting from any errors in the updates or the collection or interpretation of the information they provide.

Under no circumstances can the CCB be held responsible in the event of a temporary interruption or malfunction of the user's system.