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Sextortion scam is still ongoing

Last week, we received almost 3000 reports from citizens who received an e-mail about the sextortion scam. 

Did you get such a message? Do not give into the request to pay a sum of money and don't reply to the e-mail.

As part of the sextortion scam, you will get an e-mail where extortionists claim to have hacked into your computer and taken intimate footage of you when you were watching porn. The extortionists threaten to put the images online unless you pay a fee. They will try to put pressure on you, by asking you to pay quickly. They will often ask for an amount to be transferred in Bitcoins. That is suspicious too.

The sextortion scam is a bluff: the extortionists do not have any images of you.

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See the example below.

ex sextorsion
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