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Safer Internet Day. Are you helping to build a better internet?

Safer Internet Day is the annual day for a better Internet, and is organised all over the world. More than 110 countries are working together to make the Internet a safe, creative and fun place for everyone! We also support Safer Internet Day.

Better internet?

Safer Internet Day wants to focus on a better Internet for children and young people. We want to look beyond the possible risks and merely protecting children and young people. A better Internet delivers a positive message and focuses on all of the fantastic things young people do online. By emphasizing the benefits of the Internet, we can also make children and young people aware of the pitfalls.

What can you do?

Go to www.togetherforabetterinternet.be and find out how you can make a big difference with a little effort. Share your good intentions with the hashtag #BIC (Better Internet Campaign) and encourage your children, pupils, family and friends to do the same. Because a better Internet for children and young people is something that we create together.

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