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Renewed reports about telephone fraud

We are seeing increased reports about phone fraud. The “Microsoft scam” or “Tech Scam” is a major threat at the moment. Fraudsters still manage to fool people in this way.

Tech Scam, what exactly is that?

Everyone knows the stories. You get a call on your landline by someone pretending to work for Microsoft or Apple. They claim you have a problem with your computer and that they can help you. These days, fraudsters also pretend to be employees of the IT department of your own company or organisation. Where conversations used to be conducted in poor English, they are now increasingly done in Dutch.

This scammer leads you to believe that there is a security problem with your computer and proposes to secure your computer. He then asks you to take certain actions: start up the computer, surf to a certain website or download an application. That way they can access your computer. Their end goal is to steal money from your bank account.  To solve the problem, you have to pay first. 

Also watch out for Wangiri Fraud

Wangiri is another form of telephone fraud. Your phone rings once, then the call is disconnected. The call comes from a foreign number. If you call back, you will be connected to an expensive premium number and you could lose a lot of money. You could also get a text message asking you to a call back.

The police have also issued warnings.

What do you need to do?

  • Always distrust phone calls from companies that ask you to perform a number of actions on your computer.
  • Also, distrust calls from foreign numbers that are quickly cut off.  Never call back!
  • Microsoft or Apple will never contact you to report a problem.
  • Do not allow someone you don't know to take over your computer.
  • Do not make any payments, not even for a few euros, while a stranger has taken over your computer.
  • Remove any applications or programs that you installed on your computer at the request of the scammer.
  • Perform a full virus scan and remove any malware found.
  • Change your passwords, if you've shared them.
  • If your screen is blocked, you can close the browser via Ctrl-Shift-Esc and then End Task.

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