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Microsoft Scam on the rise again

Safeonweb is once again receiving many reports from individuals who have fallen victim to the Microsoft Scam.

The Microsoft Scam is a form of scam where you are contacted by phone by someone pretending to be an employee of the help desk of Microsoft, Apple or another computer company. This scammer makes you believe that there is a security problem with your computer and suggests ways to secure your computer. Don't believe this. The scammer then asks you to take certain actions: boot up the computer, go to a certain website, download an application, etc. This scam is also known by the names "Tech Scam" and "Remote Desktop Scam".

Protect yourself with two golden rules:

1. Never give access to your devices to someone you don't know. Do not respond to strangers' requests to download a program onto your device. This program, a Remote Desktop Software program, gives someone access to your device!

2. Never share your banking information or passwords with anyone.

Learn more at https://safeonweb.be/en/i-receive-call-unknown-person-about-problem-my-pc