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Child Focus fights against non-consensual sexting and exposing

Child Focus is launching a new campaign to combat non-consensual sexting and exposing via Glenn's smartphone.
Here's his story: in June 2017, 15-year-old Glenn took his own life. His nude photo, associated with his name, was shared on a fake account on Instagram. The photo taken with her phone was intended for just one person. Until it was posted on the internet. A flood of hateful comments followed. It was too much for Glenn...

To mark 18 November, European Day for Combating the Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse of Minors, Child Focus is reactivating its phone as a tool in the fight against non-consensual sexting and exposing. Every person who calls Glenn on their smartphone signs a petition in favour of better protection for young people against online sexual exploitation.

Increase in the number of reports

In 2022, Child Focus opened 151 cases of non-consensual sexting (exchange of sexual messages or images via social media under pressure or without consent). A new phenomenon has emerged in recent years: these images are often accompanied by the victim's private details, which are disseminated on social networks such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram or Telegram, whether within exposure groups or not. Victims are humiliated, harassed, threatened and even blackmailed.

Thanks to its privileged collaboration with the main social media such as Facebook/Instagram, Google/YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), Discord, TikTok and Snapchat, Child Focus can intervene very quickly as a "trusted flagger" to remove certain images.

Launch of a petition

In June 2017, Glenn took his own life after a nude photo of him circulated on social networks. Child Focus reactivated his telephone number. Anyone calling the number 0493/79.58.30 will hear Glenn's story and sign a petition in favour of better protection for young people against online sexual exploitation. Child Focus is calling for more attention to this issue, an appropriate legislative framework and more resources for prevention and support for victims.

Child Focus is calling on political decision-makers to work together to build a society free of child sexual abuse, both offline and online. This means putting in place strong laws, prevention and better support for victims. All this in consultation with young people, parents and experts.

Raising awareness among witnesses and perpetrators

Child Focus advocates a change of mentality so that potential witnesses do not allow themselves to be drawn into the dynamics of exposure groups and leave them. Witnesses can also play a crucial role in non-consensual sexting. According to the organisation, perpetrators need to be made more aware of the real consequences of their actions. Non-consensual dissemination of nude images is a criminal offence.  

Further information

Campaign website: https://appelezglenn.be

Victims of non-consensual sexting and exposure, as well as those close to them, can contact Child Focus via its freephone number 116 000, available 24/7.

Anyone with questions about suicide can contact the Centre de Prévention du Suicide on freephone 0800/32.123 or at www.preventionsuicide.be.

The material is available in French and Dutch.

Appelez Glenn
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