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The Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium is launching a new initiative for businesses and organisations in Belgium - Safeonweb@work

Alongside Safeonweb, which aims to ensure the security of the general public, Safeonweb@work is aimed at Belgian businesses and organisations.

Its aim is to strengthen their cyber resilience by providing advice, recommendations and tools to help them identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in their systems and be alerted to cyber threats.

Tools and services

Safeonweb@work is available online at: atwork.safeonweb.be

We invite organisations to register on the platform to benefit from additional services.

Organisations will be able to find a number of tools and services such as :


  • Cyber threat alerts

A service that helps organisations investigate and mitigate potential cyber threats to their network by being informed of vulnerabilities and infections.

  • CyberFundamentals Framework

A set of practical measures to protect data, significantly reduce the risk of the most common cyber attacks and increase an organisation's cyber resilience.

  • Model reference documents

A set of customisable and editable cyber security policy documents to facilitate the implementation of information security management within an organisation.

  • Self-assessment

An online form for assessing an organisation's level of cyber security maturity. After answering questions on cybersecurity-related subjects, the organisation can measure its level of maturity, compare its level with that of similar organisations and benefit from our practical recommendations to remedy any shortcomings identified.

Organisations can also find articles, news, advice and content to help them improve their level of cybersecurity.

All Safeonweb@work services are completely free of charge.

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