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Beware of message abusing Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium logo and name

A message is currently circulating that abuses the logo and name of the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB). In the message, you are encouraged to deposit € 190 only to be refunded € 90,450 just like that.  

It is clearly an attempted scam.  This message does not originate from the CCB. 

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What to do?
  • Do not click on a link in a suspicious message, do not open attachments and do not download applications when prompted.
  • Suspicious emails can be forwarded to suspicious@safeonweb.be.

Did you click on a suspicious link?

  • If you did click, don't fill in the fields any further and abort any interaction.
  • NEVER give out personal codes.
  • If you have passed on a password that you also use in other places, change it immediately.

Have you been ripped off?

  • From the moment you lose money or are extorted, we recommend you file a police report. You file a report with the local police in your place of residence. 
  • Contact your bank and/or Card Stop on 078 170 170 if you have passed on bank details, money disappears from your bank account or you have transferred money to a scammer. That way, any fraudulent transactions can be blocked.
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volledige breedte