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Secure online video conferencing

Since the lockdown, the use of online videoconferencing is well established: teaching, meetings and even drinks with friends are now being held online without any hassle.  At first, some platforms were experiencing some problems due to overload or uninvited guests, but a few updates later you won't notice these problems anymore.  As with any online platform, it is important to use them safely.

Our tips:

Use approved products and make sure they are up to date

  • If you download an app from an Appstore, only use official appstores.
  • Whatever platform you're using, make sure you always perform the updates.  Updates add more features and resolve errors. Security vulnerabilities are also remedied during an update. That is why it is important to perform updates whenever requested.

 Create your own account and secure it properly

  • If possible, create an account and secure it with a strong password.

 Keep your conversations confidential

  • Make video calls in a place where you can talk without being disturbed.  If you sit on your terrace, the neighbours may catch every word and that's not the intention.  The same applies to trains or other public places.
  • Only share the link to the meeting with invited guests and do not post them in public (e.g. on Facebook). This prevents unwanted participants from showing up.
  • Protect each meeting with a password.
  • Use a webcam cover. Make sure your webcam is always covered whenever it's not in use.

 How to protect your data in the best possible way?

  • As a paying user, you can set the regions your data is allowed to pass through
  • To share highly sensitive information, you may require a higher level of protection.  Check out the specifications and settings
  • Ask your employer to install secure communication channels if you share a lot of confidential information with colleagues.


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